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The main purpose of this tool is to provide the user with information about the margins of items on Hypixel Skyblock’s Auction House. This is done in the Flipper tab in the form of a sortable and searchable table. To access the table of flippable items click Flipper on the navbar (menu at the top). After it should bring you to the discord login page. Don’t worry! The only info we can access is your discord username, id, and your email address. Then if the login was successful it will bring you straight to the flipping chart. If an auth error occurs, read the text below.

Sorting and searching

To sort the items by their price, name, margin and etc. click on the table header. After that all items should be sorted in an ascending order. Clicking one more time will sort them in the opposite direction.

Searching is done using the search form in the top right corner of the Flipper page

Auth error

If after logging in with your discord an authentication error, you are not authorized to use the tool. The flipping tool is only open to supporters and donors, due to limiting factors. To learn how to gain access you can join my discord server and open a ticket. You can also use the free trial version of the tool (only shows items that cost less than 1 million coins)

Best Flipping Practices

As it might be expected not all items on the list will make you money. Successful flipping also depends on your skills and understanding of Skyblock’s economy. However there are some tips that will make flipping more profitable: